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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Asking Of You Please

Lord, This Is Me, I Come Asking Of You Please
I Need You Now Today, To Put My Soul At Ease
I Want And Need Your Glory, Less Of Me And More Of You
Please Lord Enlighten Me, What You’d Have Me Next To Do
Give Me All Of Your Grace, Show Me Half Of Your Mercy
The Only Thing I Need In Life, Is You I Think Per Se
The Trouble That I’ve Seen, The Pain That I’ve Endured
Look Beyond My Faults, And See My Heart Is Pure
Had My Share Of Misery, Had My Share Of Strife
Trying Hard To Move On, And Let My Past Be My Past Life
But It Seems Like Others Around Me, Would Rather Me Stay The Same
But Unbeknownst To Them, I’ve Been Suffering In Pain
So I’ve Exhausted All My Options, I Come To You On Bended Knees
Forgive My Sinful Ways, Is All I’m Asking Of You Please

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