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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Morning Smile

See I’ve Been Looking For This Lady, With A Certain Type Of Style

I Don’t Know Her By Her Face, But I Know That Colgate Smile

She Comes To Me In Vivid Dreams, Every So Once A While

I Can See Her Silhouette And Even Her Profile

But Her Face Disappears, Like David Copperfield

Is This Vision All Illusion, Or Is This Thought For Real?

Did Cupid’s Love-Struck Arrow, Miss Its Tended Mark?

Like It Grazed My Shoulder Blade, When It Should’ve Hit My Heart

Is She Trapped In The Meta-Verse, That’s Parallel To Mine?

Can’t Touch Me Physically, So Like Jean Grae She Touches My Mind

Or Is It Just A Cruel Joke, Played On My Ho-hum Life?

See The Devils Always Into Shit, And Tryin’ To Cause Some Strife

Yeah, I Had Some Troubled Times, And Things Didn’t End Up Right

But I Thought Good Hearted People, Got 2nd Chances In This Life

So, I’ll Just Keep On Looking, Maybe I’ll Find Her After Awhile

Till Then I’ll Just Keep Waking Up, With My Happy Morning Smile

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