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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Never Leave Thy Presence

When I Was Young Boy Growing Up, I Understood As An Adolescent
But My Grand Mama Told Me, I Should Never Leave Thy Presence
Better To Be In The Storm With God, Then Safe On Land Outside His Will
Sometimes To Win The Race In Life, You May Have To Just Stand Still
What Others May Seem To Struggle In, And Take Years Of Their Hard Labor
When God Decides To Bless You, He Will Work Things In Your Favor
Flabbergasted Folks Will Frown, And Try To Plot On You
But Situations Will Come Together, No Matter What They Do
Amazed And Confused, On How You Reached Your Goals
When Others Throw Their Cards In, I Decided Not To Fold
Went All In With My God, There Ain’t No Damn Pretend

A Wise Man Gets More From His Enemies, Than A Fool Gets From His Friends
And Foolish I Am Not, Don’t Be Fooled By My Foolish Grin
I Am Not The Architect, I Just Sit Back And Collect The Wins
I Run The Play God Calls, And We Never Seem To Lose
You Must Be April Babies, So I Call You April Fools
But The Final Jokes On You, I Shine Like Bio-Luminescence
I Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed, And I Never Leave Thy Presence

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