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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Street Folks

Have You Ever Looked Into The Eyes, Of A Man That Has No Hope

His Eyes Are Filled With Emptiness; He Has No Means 2 Cope

Life Has Dealt An Ugly Hand, As He Hungers Thru The Nite

I Wonder What He Could Have Been, If Life Had Done Him Right

A Contributor To Science, Or A Helper Of Mankind

Who Knows What Aspirations, That He Once Held In His Eyes

So Who Will Hold The Mantle, For The Ones Who Have No Hope

The Ones That We’ve Forgotten, The Ones We Call “Street Folks

Overlooked And Often Shunned, For Circumstances In Their Life

Who Are We To Pass On Judgment, When We Have Not Dealt With Their Strife

Have We No Consciousness, Or Remorse For Fellow Man

I’m Sure When God Created Earth, This Could Not Have Been His Plan

The World Goes On, We Go Our Way, With Friends We Laugh And Joke

Never Stopping With Concern, About The Lives Of Our Street Folks

God Bless The Child Who Holds His Own, Who’s Been A Victim Since His Birth

Blessed Are The Meek At Heart, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Matthew 5:5, These Words Are Clearly Spoke

And Woe To Any Man, Whosoever These Laws Are Broke

So Once Again I Pose To Us, A Question That Provokes

Who Will Hold The Mantle, For The Ones We Call Street Folks?


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