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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Sunset Drive

Look At The Analog Office Clock, It’s Finning To Be That Time

It’s A Quarter Pass Five o’clock, They Tryin’ Ruin My Weekend Vibe

Seems The World Done Gone Crazy, Bout To Lose My F’ing Mind

Ready To Leave This Job, Tell These Crazy Folks Good-Bye

Call My Baby-Girl On The Line; Be Ready In Forty-Five

Put Your Best Sundress On, For An Evening Sunset Drive

Let The Stresses Of The Week, Slide Off My Weary Mind

75°C, In The Middle Of July

Need A Little Quiet Time, With Me And My Honey Dime

Unplug From The Scene, Let The Rolex Time Pass By

Sunroof Fully Open, Let The Evening Sun Shine Bright

My Lady Looking Super Sheik, Dressed From Head To Toe In White

Sitting On Top Of The World, Just Ready To Unwind

Me & My Baby Girl, Under The Covers Intertwined

No TV Shows, No Radio, No Buzzing Cellular Phone

No Negative Vibes or Energy, Just Me In My Comfort Zone

I’m Always On The Move, Always On My Grind

Everyone Needs A Lil Something, Or A Moment Of My Time

Calgon Take Me Away, Somewhere Far, Far Away

Where I Don’t Have To Worry, Bout What To Think Or Say

A Lil Cheese And Crackers, And Some Fine Vintage Wine

Just Me And My Baby Girl, Out On An Evening Sunset Drive…

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