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Welcome to JustMakingRhymes.com website, thank you so much for visiting. I trust this will not be the one and only time you visit and look forward to sharing with you. I want this site to be a gateway for you where you get exposed to my mental landscape. Allowing me to share with you some of my inner thoughts, beliefs, outlook or just funny ideas. I hope you will find this website entertaining, thought provoking and interesting.

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Stolen Excerpts vol. 2:
Love, Lust & Longing

Stolen Excerpts vol. 2: Love, Lust & Longing was written from the perspective of three aspects of relationships. The various poems have been cataloged into these three categories. It is my belief that at one time in our lives we have gone through one, if not all, of these phases of relationships and in no particular order. The cover of this 2nd poetry book attempts to visually depict these three emotions that are related to relationships.

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