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Stolen Excerpts vol. 2:
Love, Lust & Longing

Stolen Excerpts vol. 2: Love, Lust & Longing was written from the perspective of three aspects of relationships. The various poems have been cataloged into these three categories. It is my belief that at one time in our lives we have gone through one, if not all, of these phases of relationships and in no particular order. The cover of this 2nd poetry book attempts to visually depict these three emotions that are related to relationships.

Love, the emotions that most strive to obtain with another person. This person usually shares common interests, ideas or ideologies. Oftentimes this may be referred to as our “soulmate” or “true love”. This is the person whom we open our hearts to and oftentimes initiate a family. The upper left picture is two figures holding hands within a fiery heart and attempting to depict a burning Love.

Lust, a strong emotion that can lead to drama, heartbreak or emotional scars. In most cases, it seems to be a means to fulfill our own sexual wants and/or desires. It has its purpose but with most things it must be regulated and not allowed to dominate our existence. The bottom left picture I believe is self-explanatory.

Longing, a desire to have what you once had or desire to have. This can be a powerful emotion that if not properly checked can also cause heartbreak or emotional scars. It can center around remembrance of a past relationship or a desire to be in a relationship with someone. The bottom right picture symbolizes this desire. Two hands reaching to touch the Egyptian symbol of life. Trying to convey two people reaching to find a life to share with someone else.

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Stolen Excerpts vol. 1:
Words, Thoughts & Phrases

Stolen Excerpts vol. 1: Words, Thoughts & Phrases was written from a unique perspective of three writes. As you can see there are 3 pictures of the same person on the cover. Each picture represents the three personalities that contributed to the various poems in the collection. Hence, the statement at the bottom of the 1st book, “Poems by JMR, Jamiar & JustMakingRhymes.”

This is purposeful and intentional in its design. The basic concept is there are 3 personalities within me that author various types of material. The first is a militant side (JMR) that views the world as a battle of social injustice and calls out the atrocities of the past and those current in society. He is depicted in the upper-left of the book cover.

The second personality is the introspective person (Jamiar) who longs for love, peace and happiness. He cares deeply for his family and friends. He strives to be closer to God, has social concerns and wants to enjoy life. He is depicted in the lower-left corner.

The third personality is whimsical and has a weird sense of humor. He does not take himself too seriously and prefers to laugh off matters in hopes that laughter can overcome any issue. He just wants to live life and just make rhymes. He is depicted in the lower-right corner.

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