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🔥Friday Fire🔥

3rd Eye Vision

Someone Said You Can’t Be A Sinner On Friday, And A Saint On Sunday

Well, I Beg To Differ, Cause I’m Doing It My Way

Complex Dude, With Complex Shit On His Chest

Why Not Put Pen To Pad, And Show The World In Its Mess

I’m A Saint And A Sinner, By Heavenly Design

No Further Proof Needed, Than My Gemini Sign

I Don’t Stay In A Box, I Move From Topic To Topic

It Can Be Jew, Gentile Or Atheist, I’m Feeling Philanthropic

I’m Not A Militant Man, But Can Have Militant Ideas

So When You Add It All Up, That’s The Sum Of Your Fears!

I Can Only Speak My Truth, From My Own Life’s Perspective

You Surmise My Soliloquy, Based On Your Own Objective

To Learn Or To Laugh, To Think Or Devour

These Are Merely Water Streams, From My Cerebral Brain Shower

I’m A Poetic Cyborg, With A Poetic Algorithm

Trying To Shine Light On The World, Thru My Ocular Glass Prism

Never Wear A Chain Round My Neck, These Burdens Already Too Heavy

Been Traveling The Rugged Road, So I Trailblaze A Black Chevy

But I Fret I Fall Short, Of My Purpose And Mission

Might Have Developed Cataracts, In My Third Eye Vision

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