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🔥Friday Fire🔥

A Thin Line

In This World There Are Countless Times

 Where Mistakes Are Made, And We Cross The Line

Some Are Done Intentional, And Some No Thought In Mind

But Whatever The Circumstance, Let’s See What We Can Find

I’ve Heard There Is A Thin Line, Between A Genius And Insanity

The Genius Gets Our Praise, The Other Gets Profanity

Cursed For Their Abnormality, A Scourge In Societies Eyes

Is There Any Care For Their Trials, Or The Burdens In Their Lives

If You Doubt My Words, Examine Closely This Society

Do We Display Our Christian Values, Or Walk Around In Piety

With Our Noses Held Up High, As If Our Shit Don’t Stink

Never Once Pausing To Contemplate, Or Just Be Still And Think

Of How We’ve Crossed The Line, So Many Times In Life

When The Decisions That We’ve Made, Are The Cause Of Someone’s Strife

What About The Thin Line Between Love And Hate, When Feelings Are Put To Test

Ain’t No Telling What The Future Holds, No Need To Second Guess

Someone’s Heart Gets Torn, Or The Collapse Of A Happy Home

Basically, There’s A Thin Line, Between Being Lonely And Alone

So I Hope You Heed My Words, And Never A Situation Will You Find

Yourself Caught In A Conundrum, Between A Rock And A Thin Line

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