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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Across My Mind

Got Me Over Here Thinking, What We Used To Be

As I Dibble & Dabble Around, And Check Up On Your IG

Say What You Will And Won’t Say, Express Your Innermost Regrets

Please Don’t Fear The Consequence, Baby Girl Don’t Fret

I’m Sure That I Can Take It, Don’t Forecast A Stern Reply

At One Time We Were Inseparable, I’m Just Trying To Figure Out Why

After All This Time And Space, You Text Me This Cryptic Line

How Should I Respond To, “You Came Across My Mind

This Double Entendre Statement, Could Be Good Or Could Be Bad

From What I Can Recall, Our Breakup Was Kinda Sad

Do You Miss My Tender Touch, Or Your Legs Wrapped Round My Waist

Have You Settled In Your Mind, And You’re In A Better Space

To Receive All My Love, Unconditional And Blind

Cause If The Truth Be Told, You Too Have Come Across My Mind

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