Just Making Rhymes

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🔥Friday Fire🔥


Listen Hear, Pay Attention My Dear

Open Your Eyes, See Me More Clear

I’m Conflicted At Times, When I’m Alone I Might Cry

Afraid To Show How Weak I Am, As If My Heart Might Die

Afraid That I Might Fail, Afraid What Will Unfold

Cause The Life That I Am Living, Is Not The Life I Would’ve Choose

I’ve Been Hurt Before, Felt I’ve Been Abused

By The Closest To Me, Took Advantage For Their Own Use

A Single Father And Divorced, Doing My Very Best

Each Day Has New Pitfalls, I Pray I Overcome The Test

Seems I’m Going Thru My Life, With No Face Cards And No Spades

Living Off Possibilities, Cause Really I’m Afraid

That Sometimes I’m Not The Man, I Really Want To Be

Will I Ever Be Transparent, So Others Can Truly See

A Man With Good Intentions, Who Overcame The Troubles That He Made

But Despite My Outward Bravado, Realize, Sometimes I’m Just Afraid

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