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As I Am

One Of The Greatest Things I’m Thankful For, Being An Imperfect Man
Is That No Matter The Imperfection, God Loves Me As I Am
Now To You This Simple Statement, Might Not Register At All
But If You’ve Lived The Life I’ve Lived, You’d Appreciate Why That’s My Call
See Often Times In Life, I Let My Ego Run Amiss
Never Taking Time To Realize, How Actions Affect My Spirit
There’s Been Many A Time, Where I Flat Out Failed The Test
Gave Plausible Explanations, For How I Got Into My Mess
But Despite All My Drama, God Still Blessed Me With His Favor
Not Because I Am His Favorite, Because His Love Never Waivers
He Sees In Me, What I Could Not See
He Looks Beyond My Faults, Sees What Type Of Man That I Could Be
In His Infinite Wisdom God Decided, I Am Somebody, Because He Doesn’t Make No Junk
Why Would He Waste His Time, On Some Knucklehead Or Chump
Surely He Has Better Things To Do, But At This Moment He Is Calling On Me
To Change How I Live My Life, And Live It Righteously
For It Is Said That Righteous Living, Will Bring Forth Enemies
But I Shake These Haters To The Left, For God Will Handle These
My Purpose Is Much Bigger, And I Won’t Apologize
So When I Face My God, He Won’t Say I Pushed Him To The Side
And Although I’m Far From Perfect, I Will Do What I Can
Submitting Myself To Jesus, Wholly, Just As I Am

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