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Can Never Be

First We Both Decided, To Only Be Just Friends
Now I Find Myself Deleting, All The Messages You Sent
Perhaps We Moved Too Fast, Seemed So Comfortable At First
The Late Night Conversations, You Were There For Me At My Worst
Comforted Me When I Needed, The Closeness Of A Friend
Found Myself Confiding In You, Was Like Confessing My Inner Sins
Your Proximity Made Me Feel, As If We Were Growing Oh So Close
Made Me Feel Euphoric, Like A Late-Night Ecstasy Dose
So Despite My Apprehension, I Gave My Heart To You
Based Our Relationship On, The Things You Helped Me Through
Then Quickly I Realized, That I Wasn’t Quite Enough
At One Time You Were Caring, But Now You Seem So Rough
Gone Were The Kind Words, And Conversations Through The Night
Now It Seems All You Want, Is To Argue, Fuss And Fight
Maybe I Thought I Needed You, Cuz You Help Me Through My Strife
I See The Picture More So Clearly, You’ve Become A Burden In My Life
Therefore, I Just Don’t See, A Long Term You And Me
Cause We Are Not Compatible, So We, Can Never Be

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