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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Ciao Bella

You Know That I’m A Little Bit Crazy

We Just Met, But I’m Already Feeling You Baby

I’m Sorta Kinda Thinking, You Should Be My Lady

Is That Something You Would Entertain Or Even Consider, Maybe?

Wow, Do I Love It, When You Step Into The Room

In Your Jimmy Choo High Heels, And That Jasmine Sweet Perfume

Never Thought That Any Woman, Could Mentally Unphase Me

But Your Queen Mother Vibe, Is Straight Driving Me All Crazy

You’re So Damn Beautiful And Oh So Damn Amazing

Plus That Hour Glass Physique, Got A Brother Straight Up Craving

God Definitely Broke The Mold, Cause You’re A Ten Out Of Ten

Put An APB Out, Cause You Must Be Lost From Heaven

Woman Want What You Have, They Be Jealous & All Mad

But Ain’t Nothing Better, Than That Black Soul Woman Swag

Cause I’d Be Truly Honored, If I Could Be Your #1 Fella

Now All That I Can Say For Sure, Is Baby Girl, Ciao Bella


— Dedicated To My Beautiful Black Women —

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