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Color Blind

Ain’t It A Shame How Civil Servants, Can Be So F’ing Fickle
Can Be Here Today Cold Chillin’, Then Gone Like Tyre Nichols
Beat Down By His Own, Five Brazen Black Ass Cops
A Life Has Gotta Be Worth More, Then A Stoopid Traffic Stop
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, That’s What I Once Overheard
But The Punishment For This Crime, Seems A Bit Absurd
Stopped For Running A Red Light, Then Basically Sentence To Death
When You Take A Young Man’s Life, Really There’s Nothing Left
To Say, Cause We Seen This Time And Time Again
It’s The House Nigga Syndrome, Show Massa You’re His Friend
Judge, Jury And Executioner, We Can’t Seem To Catch A Break
It’s A Twisted Web Of Wickedness, Our Own Kind Won’t Give Fair Shakes
Justice Supposed To Be Color Blind, It Sees No Shape Or Form
But For Black Men In This Cruel World, Jail Or Death Is The Shameful Norm
Done Marched 1000 Miles, And Cried A Lake Of Tears
Is There Any Wonder Why, Black Men Walk Around In Fear
Fear Of Being Followed, Fear Of Being Shot
Every Time We See Po-Po, Stomach’s Bind Like Constrictor Knots
Cause Johnny Law Bleeds Blue, No Other Color On His Mind
And Lady Liberty Must Have Cataracts, Or She Must Be Color Blind

— Dedicated to Tyre Nichols —

— R.I.P. —

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