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ūüĒ•Friday FireūüĒ•

Conversation Held With Satan

I’ve Been Meaning To Pull This Cat Up, Cuz For A Minute He Been Hating

This Is Long Overdue, This Here Conversation Held With Satan

He Been Talking Real Reckless, Misleading With His Lies

Talking Bout My Holy Savior, Just Layed Down And Died

And Didn’t Rise On The 3rd Day, In Holy Sanctified Resurrection

Christ Was Sacrificed For My Sins, To Cleanse My Imperfections

Devil On Some Ego Tripping, Cause He Got Tossed Outta Heaven

Got Too Big For His Britches, Talking Loud And Always Flexing

So¬†I Asked This Hater Straight Up, Why He Be¬†Hatin‚Äė?

He Just Looked At Me Bewildered, Like His Cpu Updating

In Middle Of Downloading, And He Confused Some Type Of Way

You¬†Ain‚Äôt¬†Got¬†The¬†Answers,¬†Homie,¬†You Don‚Äôt Be Knowing,¬†‚ÄúHow Sway????‚ÄĚ

So I Posed Another Question,  

Do You Wanna Be Christ In Your Dreams?

You Tempted Him On The Mountain, He Didn’t Fall For Your Schemes

You Were Once Beautiful, A Holy Anointed Cherub

Then Glory Turn Thick With Hate, Like Cold Molasses Syrup

Your Splendor Was Your Downfall, If You Do Recall

You Had The Ear Of God, Then You Lost It All

Do You Miss Your Lofty Position, And What You Once Had, Had?

If You’re Considering Repenting, I Can Go Speak To My Dad

And Like The Prodigal Son, You Too Might Return

There’s No Reason Why, You Should Stay In Hell And Burn

So Please Stop Burning And Learn To Earn Respect

Like KRS Said, G-O-D Might Accept

Your Apology And Humble Plea, To Return To The Fold

Where There Are Mansions On Every Block, With Streets Paved Of Gold

Don’t You Miss The Glory Days, Serenity Untold

I Can’t Believe You’d Rather Be, Out Here Corrupting Souls

But I Tire Of This Dialogue, My Mind In Not Relating

Seems It Was A Waste Of Time, This Conversation Held With Satan

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