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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Deliberate Indifference

– George Floyd Poem –
Them Belly Full But We Still Hungry

We Finning To Kick Up Dust, Like Our Name Is Bruce Chung Lee
Why Is It You Treat Us, Like We Lesser Than Less?
This Angry Mob Is Hungry, For Its Pound Of Payback Flesh
We About To Burn The Spot Up, Like That Cult Leader Dave Koresh
Maybe Then You’ll Take Notice, When There’s Nothing But Ashes Left
Gone Till November, Like The Haitian Homie Wyclef
Not Asking For Any Charity, Like We Black UNICEF
Just Treat Us With Dignity, Honor And Respect
This Country Was Built On, Our Blood, Tears And Sweat
We Stuck In Place, Like Crabs In A Barrel
Hawkeye, Who Got The Straightest Arrow
Lady Liberty, Won’t Let Us Fly, We Black Sparrows
She Hiding From The Truth, We Was Once Kings And Pharaohs
Broke Us Down Mentally, Down To The Bone Marrow
The Highway To Heaven, Is Curvy, Rough And Narrow
The Devil Is A Temptress, Like Rio De Janeiro
I’m Screaming Bloody Murder, In Hi-Def Dolby Stereo
Is Society Even Listening, Does It Fall On Def Ears?
Does The Black Man Rising Up, Conjure Up Your Worst Nightmares?

We Just Trying To Make Our Way, In This Babylon Existence
But Your Ignorance Keeps On Showing, With Your Sinful Deliberate Indifference

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