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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Devil Within

I Malcolm X Ray Vision, So I See Thru You Devils
I Reject Your Hierarchy, And Your Euro-Caste Levels
I Be That Militant Acting Slave, That Hijacked The Slave Ship
The Unruly Student In Class, The One You Can’t Teach Shit
The FBI Most Wanted Hacker, That Hacked Into SkyNet
I’m The Genisys Of Your Fears, That Makes You Break Out And Sweat
You Want To Quiet My Uprise, Like A Silent Auction Bet
You Chappelle I’m Wayne Brady, I Didn’t Know You Like To Get Wet
Your Ph Level So Acidic, That’s The Playa Hater In You
Keep Me In A 3X3 Box, Like A Game Of Sudoku
I Don’t Fall For The Banana, In The Tailpipe No More
I’m Hip To The Game, I Can Tally Up The Score
Got On Night Vision Goggles, See You Moving In The Dark
Best Believe That My Bite, Is Much Worser Than My Bark
That’s Word To El Jefe, The Killer Beast Watch Dog
Body So Dang Big, Like He Swallowed A Baby Hog
But Surely I Digress, Let Us Return To The Topic At Hand
And How I Got These Plans, Of Sidestepping This Wicked Man
Your Disproportionate Democracy, Never Falls In My Favor
Despite All Your Promises, I Peep Your Dismissive Behavior
Do Just Enough Socially, To Appease Your Consciousness
When I Look Into Your Eyes, I Can See Your Godlessness
But Nevertheless The Matter, The Situation May Be Grim
I See The Landscape That More Clearer, Cause I See The Devil Within

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