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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Educated Ignorance

Put The Gun Down, Don’t Shoot The Messenger Grady

Let Me Pose These Questions, Cause You Acting Kinda Shady

Who Are You To Judge Me, For What I’ve Done Or Said?

Who Are You To Judge Me, For Who’s Sleeping In My Bed

I Don’t Need Your Fickle Judgment, On How I Choose To Live

Isn’t Part Of Your Religion, To Speak In Love And Forgive

You Walk Around So Ignorant, Can’t See The Plank Before Your Eye

You Rather Cast Your Verdict, Look At Me With Pure Despise

But I Circumnavigate Your Foolishness, And Pivot To The Left

Don’t Judge Lest Yea Be Judged, We Can Speak Upon Your Mess

Like The Atrocities You Commit, All In The Name Of God

I’ve Observed All Your Actions, And I See Through Your Facade

Claim To Be A Christian, But Your Actions Say Otherwise

If The Roles Were Reversed, I Bet You’d Be Praying For My Demise

You Can’t Be This Educated, And Ignorant At The Same Time

How Bout You Mind Your Business, I’ll Definitely Mind Mine

We’ll Have A Mutual Agreement, A Sort Of Resonance

Don’t Underestimate The Audacity Of Folks, With Their Educated Ignorance

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