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Feeding Daddy

If You Ain’t 21, Then I Suggest You Stop Reading



See I’m Finning To Explain, What Daddy Been Feeding
On, That Got Him High Beaming So Bright
I Said It Once Before, He Decided To Swipe Right
For Some Of Y’all, That Flew Over Your Head
Like A Kufi, On The Top Of A Dread
See Daddy, He Been Getting Well Fed
Champagne Breakfast, Mimosas’ In Bed
John Blaze In The Kitchen, With The Top Chef Spread
Anything You Want Daddy, Is What She Had Said
Shorty Got Me Open, Like A Fresh Pick Lock
Got Them Sultry Sexy Eyes, With The “Béchamel” Box
I’m Tryin’ Not To Go There, Cuz I’ma Keep It PG

But You Know What Grown Folks Do, When They Go Down On Their Knees

Hit Her With The 1-2, Hell, She Hit Me Right Back
Game Recognize Game, So We Did A Lil This & That
But I’m Sure By Now, You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down
She Smooth, Sexy, Sultry, Like That Group Coffee Brown
And Speaking Of Coffee, She Like Hers Straight Black
And Like KRS Said, It’s The Return Of The Boom Bap
Long Flowing Hair, With The Soft Pillow Lips
Hour Glass Figure, With The Child Bearing Hips
Gypsy War Legs, Like She Running A Race
Mesmerized By Her Beauty, Like I’m Lost in Space

Her Scent Is Of Jasmine, Whenever We Embrace
Even When She Leaves, I Can Still Smell A Trace
Having An Outer-Body Experience, Sorta Feeling Displaced
Cause In My Mind’s Eye, A Silhouette Of Her Face
Haunting Brown Eyes, With That Come Hither Look
Kerosine And Match, To That Little Black Book
And By The Way Did I Mention, She Got Dat Apple Bottom Fatty
This Vivacious Vixen Got Me Open, Cuz She Straight Feeding Daddy

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