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🔥Friday Fire🔥

For Lovers Only

This Is Ain’t For The Ones, That Love Just For Fun

The Ones That Treat Their Love, Like A Semi-Loaded Gun

Who Pretend They Really Love, Then Up & Leave You Lonely

No This Is Strictly For, For My Lovers Only

This Is For Those Who Cuddle, On A Winter’s Afternoon

For Those Who Take Long Walks, On A Summer’s Night In June

For Those That Post Up On The Porch, And Play Their Favorite Tune

Then Sip Some Chardonnay, While Gazing At The Moon

Cause You Could Be The One, A Perfect Matrimony Lady

Tell Me What You Thought I Thought, When I Said I Loved You Baby

I Yearn To Stay Within, The Confines Of Your Love

Never Wanting To Escape, I’ll Take My Punishment Thereof

It’s Late Turn Off The Lights, But I Still See You In The Dark

Your Silhouette Transfixes Me, Let Me Hit The Mark

Cocoa Butter Skin, Silky Creamy Soft

Is Your Body Talking To Me, Controlling My Inner Thoughts?

Let Our Actions Be Our Guide, Nothing Contrived Or Even Phony

I Tried To Tell You Baby-Boo, Tonight Is For Lovers Only

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