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Here We Come (Art of War), pt 2

The Revolution Will NOW Be Televised
Time To Shape Our Destiny, And Take Back Our Lives
When You Hear That Zulu Chant, Don’t Be Surprised
That’s 10million Black Niggas, Coming For Your Cowhide
For Four Hundred Years, We Done Took It In Stride
No More Cheeks Left To Turn, No More Swallowing Pride
Time To Mount Up Militia, And Jump In The Ride
No Justice, No Peace, Is Our Battle War Cry
Suffered Behind Enemy Lines, As I Gauged His Foul Plan
And Like Clayton Bigsby, Infiltrated The Klan
I’ve Studied My Enemy, For What He Adores
It’s The Almighty $$$, Now I’m Ready For War
And Like Sun Tzu Wrote, You Must Plan Strategy
Let Me Put You On Game, Let Me Tell You What Be
#1, Laying Plans, Is The 1st Rule Of Thumb
All War Is Deception, Let’em Think That You Dumb
#2, Is The Cost Of Waging A War
A Prolonged Campaign, Will Drain Your Pockets Poor
#3, Course Of Action, Attack By Stratagem
You Conquer Your Enemy, Without Losing Your Men
#4, Post Up, In Your Tactical Disposition
By Making No Mistakes, You Secure Your Position
#5, We Utilize Combined Energy
Never Ask Too Much From One, Attack With Synergy
#6, Know Your Enemies Weak And Strong Points
Attack At His Weakness, So His Factions Disjoint
#7, Make Tactical, Maneuvering Advantageous

Be Well Organized Or Shit Might Dangerous
#8, Make Use, Of Variation Of Tactics

Switch Up Your Style, Make Him Think You Ass Backwards

#9, Refers To The Army On March
Mad Options To Consider, Call It Demarche
#10, Distinguish The 6 Kinds Of Terrain
He Who Doesn’t Consider This, Is Simply Insane
#11, Recognize The Nine Situations
The Nine Types Of Ground, May Cause Agitation
#12, There Are 5 Ways To Attack By Fire
Use Any Or All, At Your Hearts Desire
The Last Art Of War, Is The Use Of Spies
Foreknowledge Of Your Enemy, Will Help Save Lives
These Are The Strategies, To Prepare Self For War
Heed These Wise Words, Right Down To Your Core
Many Generals Have Adopted, From Now And Before
The Testimony Of Sun Tzu’s Wisdom, The Art Of War

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