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🔥Friday Fire🔥

How, What, When, Where, Why

How Can I Be Wrong Babe, When Loving You Feels So Right
How Can This Be Wrong, When I Want To Hold You Every Night
What Can I Do Babe, To Show You My Love Is True
What Can I Say To You, For My Love To Just Break Thru
When Will You Love Me, The Way That I Love You
When Will Your Love, Give In To Me And Be Subdued
Where Will This Love Go, If We Don’t Act Upon This Feel
Where Can I Connect With You, To Show You I’m For Real
Why Do We Play This Game, When We Both Feel The Same
Why Refuse To Stoke The Fire, To Let This Fizzle Would Be A Shame
Open Up Your Eyes, See Love Staring You In Your Face
Let Me Take You To A Place, Where There Is No Time Or Space
That Can Keep Us From Our Happiness, Or Limit Our Ecstasy
This Union Is Ordained, It’s Co-Signed Heavenly
Over And Under, I’ve Searched Everywhere Under The Sun
Looking For A Soul Mate, Perhaps I’ve Found The One
Let My Atmosphere Surround You, Engulf You With My Love
Can’t You See We Go Together, Like A Hand Fits In A Glove
Tell Me How, What, When, Where, Why We Are Apart
Until You Take My Hand Suite Lady, Know You’ll Always Have My Heart

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