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🔥Friday Fire🔥

I Am Able

Lord I’ve Come Up Short, So Many, Many Times

I’ve Put My Soul In Jeopardy, Eternal Life Put On The Line

This World Has Disappointed Me, Left Me Broken And Beat Down

I Cried So Many Tears, As I Lay Prone Upon The Ground

Drowned My Sorrow In Earthly Pleasures, To Overcome My Dread

Then I Heard A Voice One Day, And This Is What It Said

I Will Never Ever Forsake You, I Know The Troubles You’ve Gone Through

I Also Know The Plans, I Have To Prosper You

But I Had To Let You Hit Rock Bottom, So You’d Fully Understand

That No Matter Your Sinful Ways, I Can Still Bless Any Man

Your Latter Years Will Be Greater, Than The Folly Of Your Youth

I’ve Come To Breathe A Word Of Life, I Only Speak The Truth

He Saw The Best In Me, When Others Only Saw The Worst

So That’s Why I Decided, To Put Him As My First

My Lord, God And Savior, Sanctified And Stable

He Whispered In My Ear, Didn’t I Tell You I Am Able

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