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Letter To The Lord

Circumstances Seem So Bleak, When You Living In The Hood
It’s A Dog Eat Dog World, People Up To Just No Good
I’m Just A Young Black Kid, Trying To Write A Letter To The Lord
Asking Him For A Blessing, So That We Can Afford
Food To Stock Our Shelves, 3 Hot Meals Every Day
Am I Asking Too Much Of Him, Is This More Than I Should Pray

For, Cause Have I Over Stepped My Bounds

Take A Look Around, Look At The Environment That Surrounds
Me, With The Hand That I Was Dealt, Would You Want To Make A Trade
While You Living Up Trump Tight, I’m Living With No Spades
Papa Ain’t Around, He Just A Rolling Stone
He’d Rather Run The Streets, And Leave Us Home Alone
So Here I Am At 13, Just A Young Black Squeegee Kid
Trying To Bring In Some Money, To Help My Family Live
Above The Poverty Line, Cuz This Life Is Hella Tough

When You’re Unwrapping Christmas Gifts, I’m Wondering Where’s Our Stuff

No Brand New Butta Tims, No Fancy Chrome iPad

Then You Wondering Why Our Young Black Kids, Are Walking Round So Mad
Fractured Family, Fractured Finances, And Fractured Home Lifestyle
Systematic Racism, It’s Been Going On For Quite Awhile
But I’m Trying To Keep My Faith, And Not Fall Upon My Sword
I’m Summarizing All My Issues, In This Letter To The Lord

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