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Mr. 6AM

When We Wake In The Morning, At The Early Clock Of Dawning
Breathe Steady Stinking And We Hella Sleepy Yawning
Cause We Was Up Way Past Midnight, I Think Till Oh Dark Thirty
Doing Grown Folks Stuff, Getting Down And Dirty
Can You Help Me Find My Drawers?
Over There, Those Mine Or Yours?
Didn’t Think We’d Ever Stop, Till The Early Morn With You On Top
Was It The Medicine That You Needed?
I Know For Damn Sure You Exceeded
Had Me Calling Out Your Name, Ain’t No Shame In This Love Game
So Glad You Dialed My Number, Surely Was No Bother
You Asked If I’d Come Over, And If It Was Improper
Girl, You Think I Wouldn’t When I Would
I’m Paul Bunyan, Ready To Lay The Wood
Let Me Gather Up Some Things, Be There Half Past Stoke Of Midnight
Just Leave The Door Unlocked, That’ll Be Alright, Right?
And Baby Can You Wear, That Lacey Thing I Like?
Then Show Me Just How Good, You Can Ride This Mountain Bike
We Sweating Up The Sheets, All Types Of Soaking Wet
I Understood The Assignment, Call Me The Teacher’s Pet
Cause You Damn Sure Had The Lesson Plan, Had Me Attending Late Night School
Damn A Single Newport, I Think I Need A Pack Of Kools
But Till The Next Time, You Need Your Cuddle Buddy Friend
Remember I’m Your Mr. Midnight, And Mr. 6AM

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