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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Right Next Door

Half Past 10 O’clock, I’m Doing Push-Ups On The Floor

When I Hear A Subtle Knock, It’s Baby Girl From Next Door

Asking Bout Some Sugar, She Passes By I Smell Dior

She Filling Out Them Shorty Shorts, My Jaw Bout Hit The Floor

But Wait A Dog Gone Minute, I Thought You Said You Had A Man

Trying To Get Me All Caught Up, And Sink My Love In Your Quicksand

You Playing With Fire Girl, If You Start Messing Round Wit Me

I’ll Take You To Erotic Places, Of Orgasmic Ecstasy

Trying To Be My Sneaky Link, Girl Beware Of What’s In Store

I Ain’t Like Them Other Dudes, I Own A Ford I Will Explore

From The Top Of Your Head, To The Sole Of Your Feet

Then Somewhere In Between, Find A Lil Something Good To Eat

Now Run And Tell Your Man, He Ain’t Welcome There No More

Cause You Found Your Mr. Midnight, In The Apt Right Next Door

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