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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Smooth Criminal Flow

Nigga With A Slick Ass Tongue, And A Slick Ass Flow

Don’t Do It For The Gram, I Do It For The Doe

In About A Year Or So, Taking Care Er’one I Know

Can Afford To Get Up And Be Anywhere We Go

I’m Not Saying I’m That Nigga, But I Damn Sure Am That Man

So If You Don’t Like What I’m Saying, I Guess We Can Throw Them Hands

Shoot Ourselves Fair One, So We Can Both Walk Away

Brothers Be Too Infatuated, With That Semi-Auto Play

Show Respect, Get Respect, That’s The Motto That I Live

Anything Less Is Grey Poupon, It’s Uncivilized My Nig

We Should All Come Together, Versus Drifting More Apart

Black On Black Crime Is Killing Us, It Really Pains My Heart

But Negroes Will Be Negroes, This I Surely Know

They Just Giving Me More Material, For This Smooth Criminal Flow

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