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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Soft Brown Lips

I’m Looking At Your Lips, And How They Seem To Glisten

Can’t Focus On My Work Or Even Pay Attention

Imagining How Soft They Feel, If They Pressed Up Close To Mine

Just The Thought Of It, Sends Chills Up & Down My Spine

Not Trying To Be Sexual, But I Desire To Touch Your Lips

Sink Into A Warm Embrace, As I Caress Your Wayward Hips

My Heart Starts Beating Fast, As You Apply Your Clear Lip Gloss

Lady Have Your Way With Me, You Can Be My Boss

Assign Me Overtime, I’ll Require No Extra Pay

Uncle Sam Can Keep It All, As Long As I’m In Ur Space

Excuse My Infatuation, For You Know Not What You Do

It’s Obvious To Me, That You Haven’t Got A Clue

Of What You Do To Me, Got Me Longing For Your Sight

Drifting Off In Wonderland, Dreaming Bout You Every Night

You’re So Damn Beautiful, With Elegance You Seem To Drip

Please Pardon My Obsession, Over Those Luscious Soft Brown Lips

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