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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Stop The World

Time Will Bring To Me, A Remembrance Of Us
Tried Not To Argue, And Didn’t Want To Fuss
Love Slipped Away, Like Sands Through My Hand
Over Time It Became Quite Clear, That I Wasn’t Your Perfect Man
Played Me Oh So Dirty, Then You Toyed With My Love
Thought You Were My Angel, Sent From Heaven Above
Transformed My Love, Into A Dark Despise
No Longer Are You Seen, As The Apple Of My Eye
Got Me Out Here Wondering, If You Ever Had Love For Me
Had To Let You Go, So I Can Finally Be
At Peace Within My Soul, Have God Restore My Heart
From The Emptiness I Felt, From You Tearing It Apart

Feels Like Someone Has Stopped The World, No One Around To Stop The Pain
Can’t Seem To Find True Love, Distance Myself To Hide The Shame
Imagine If This Was You, Tell Me How Would You Feel?
These Scars Run So Deep, I Wonder If They’ll Ever Heal
Some Hurt Cuts So Deep, Can’t Be Explained In Trifle Words
I’m Trying Not To Hate You, But I’m Feeling So Disturbed
Eventually The Weight Will Lift, I Hope My Heart Unfurls
But Let’s Just Say For Now, Feels Like Someone Stop The World

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