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ūüĒ•Friday FireūüĒ•

The Chosen

Blinking Was Your 3rd Eye, When You Heard I

Was One Of The Chosen, You Stand Still Frozen

Amazed And Dazed, At The Implication Of Your Actions

Realizing Your Infraction

You Try To Repent, For The Time You Spent

Abusing My Race, Spitting In My Face

 The Women You Raped

 Absolution Of Your Sins, Is What You Seek

 He Who Inherits The Earth, Is Reserved For The Meek

 The Down Trodden, The Homeless, Living In The Streets

Did You Offer Me Assistance, Or Kick At My Feet?

As I Lay Prone On The Sidewalk, With Nothing Left To Do

But For The Grace Of God, This Could’ve Been You

 In This Inhumane Society, I Drown In My Insobriety

That Which Would Allow Me, To Escape My Reality

 While I Live In This Duality

¬†Of, Do I Give A Fuck, Or Do I Fuc’ing Give Up

 Do I Fight Back, And Rise To My Feet

 Or Do I Succumb, And Wallow In Defeat

¬†The Man, I’m Just A Footnote In His Plan

 Trapped In The Small Margins Of Life

A Small Subtext, A Brief Explanation Of My Strife

 Will I Ever Get Justice, For The Inequalities Perpetrated On Me

If I Stand Up In Defiance, Do I Get Swatted Like A Flea

Am I The Nuisance At The Cookout, That Interrupts Your Happy Scene

 Since You Failed To Hear My Pleas, Let Me Introduce My M-16

¬†Now That I Have Your Full Fuc’ing Attention

 Did Also I Happen To Mention?

This Is A Mother Fucken Stick Up

 Give Me All Your Racist Thoughts, All Your Deviant Ways & Sadistic Actions

 The Punishment You Receive, Will Only Be A Fraction

 Of What You Really Deserve, Like Hitting A Curve

 You Seem Caught Off-Guard

 Did You Think You Could Persecute The Original Man Forever?

¬†I Blend Season’s Like The Weather

Adapting And Adjusting, To Whatever Position I’m In

 Snatch The Breath From Your Lungs, Like A Second Wind

 As You Stand Stiff, Like A Mannequin Frozen

 Feel The Wrath Of The Black Assassin, The Chosen

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