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🔥Friday Fire🔥

The Culture

As I’ve Matured In This Crazy World, I Now See Things More Clear

A Society Full Of Vultures, That Prey On People’s Fears

Fear Of Abandonment, Or Fear Of Just Neglect

Fear Of Disappointment, Or Fear Of Disrespect

In A Society Where Hurt People, Do Hella Hurtful Things

Strained My Cerebral Muscle, Calculating But Can’t Explain

We Do What We Do, Cause We Damn Sure Want To Do It

Chemically Intoxicating Our Minds, Just To Try And Get Thru It

Life, But That’s The Culture That We Live

On The Edge Of Tmr, But Still Not Willing To Forgive

The Pain And Agony, Experienced Every Waking Day

Can’t Have Anything Nice, Cause Jealous Folks Take It Away

Psychotic Minds Are Synchronized, To Kill And Destroy

Home Of The Brave/Land Of The Free, Dropped 20kilo-Tons On Hanoi

Dehumanize, Desensitize, To What We’ve Come To See

Murder, Mayhem And Mischief, Isn’t How It’s Pose To Be

You Don’t Do It For The Culture, You Do It For The Shine

Dead Wrong In How You Operate, Even Broken Clocks Are Right Two Times

Sane People Do Insane Things, In A World That Seems Bipolar

But Damn This All To Hell, I Won’t Accept It’s Just The Culture

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