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🔥Friday Fire🔥

The Emphatic Truth

This Is The Greatest Country On Earth, But It Has A Checkered Past
If You Don’t Believe Me, Then You’ve Been Sniffing Propane Gas
Allow Me To Drop The Science, And Put This To The Test
I’ll Give You A Few Examples, You Can Look Up All The Rest
But Before I Drop The Knowledge, America Take The Witness Booth
Do You Swear Not To Perjure Yourself, And Tell The Emphatic Truth
With That Let Us Begin, Let’s See Where Should We Start
Native Americans Owned This Land, Then You Came And Just Bogart
Then Ran The Okie Doke, Trade Their Land For Magic Beans
Claim To Be A Christian, Then Unleash Your Devilish Schemes
Taunted Them With Nicknames, Labeled Them As Braves
The Next Atrocity You Committed, Was Bringing Over Slaves
Raided Mother Africa, Like A Texas Waco Siege
Your Honor, Forgot To Ask The Witness, How Is It That You Plead?
Not Guilty, Are You Sure Of That?, Then Let Us Just Proceed
Did You Abuse And Rape Black Women, Then Implant Them With Your Seed?
Excuse Me, Please Speak Up, I Thought I Heard You Say Indeed
Stole This Land, Exploit Black People, I Say This Sounds Like Greed
Claim To Be Self Righteous, A Bill Of Rights You Did Decree
But When I Delve Into The Verbiage, 3/5th A Man Is What I’d Be
Had Me Slave In Cotton Fields, Then Beat Me Like A Dog
The Duality Of Man, I Thought You Were Of God
Rarely Do You Recognize, My Contributions To This Land
Call Me N***** Behind My Back, But In Public Shake My Hand
Then Expect Me Turn The Other Cheek, The Audacity Of Your Guile
By Nature We Are Loving People, So I’ve Taken Your Hate And Smiled
America Do You Understand, The Omission Of The Truth Is Still A Lie?
Your Honor, We Rest Our Case, The Empathic Truth Can’t Be Denied

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