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The Functional Racist

I Spy With My Little Eye

A Segment Of The Population, I’ve Come To Despise

Allow Me To Pull Back The Curtain, And Expose These Poker Faces

These Are People I Call, The Functional Racist

There’s A Segment Of The Population, That Has An Underlying Theme

It’s A Subtle Kind Of Racism, Like A Reoccurring Dream

One That’s Hard To Pinpoint, Like Deja Vu From Before

Like When Someone Walks Before You, And They Refuse To Hold The Door

For You, And You Know They See You Coming

Like They Late For Their Own Funeral, And They Gotta Get To Running

Or When You See A White Woman, Clutch Her Purse A Little Tight

We Noticed Your Subtle Move, Doesn’t Escape Our Ocular Sight

We Perceive Your Hidden Meaning, When You Say I Speak So Well

In The Back Of My Majestic Mind, I Wanna Tell You Go To Hell

Like Black People Can’t Speak English, Well It Is A Foreign Tongue

But Like So Many Other Things, Another Obstacle We’ve Overcome

Let’s Switch It To Academics, Assume You On Financial Aid

I Bust My Ass In School, I Work Hard To Get These Grades

Or How I Got The Job, Assume Affirmative Action Was The Plan

Dare To Question Me, When They Get Jobs From Friends Of Fam

Your Entitlement Amuses Me, Your Paths Already Paved

I Have To Work Twice As Hard As You, As If I Were A Slave

Amazing How You Degrade Me, Yet You Yearn To Have My Style

The Way I Dress, The Cut Of My Jib, Or Just My Physical Profile

You Float Through This World, As If You Were Grey Mist

Operating Between, Love And Hate, Is The Functional Racist


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