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🔥Friday Fire🔥

The Oppressor’s Smile

I’ve Been By Your Side In Some Capacity, For Over 400 Years

And You’ve Been The Source Of My Pain, And Most Of All My Tears

You Captured Me, Then Sold Me, And Made Me Build This Land

Never Treated Me With Equality, Made Me 3/5th Of A Man

Wreak Havoc Wherever You Go, Claim To Be A Nation Under God

I’ve Seen Your Treachery Many Times, I Can See Thru Your Façade

Rape, Pillage And Plunder, Any Nation Worth Their While

You Try To Cloak Yourself, But I See Through The Oppressors Smile

And Even To This Day, You Covet Another Man’s Land And Soil

You Sacrifice Our Soldiers, In Attempts To Steal His Oil

Does Justice Ever Prevail? Or Are They Merely Words To You

You Claim To Be Self-Righteous, Can’t See The Evil That You Do

A Double-Standard Justice System, Lady Liberty What A Joke

She Cast Her Justice So Unjustly, Feelings Of Hate She Often Invokes

No Justice, No Peace, No Conformity, Was Once My Battle Cry

But You Pit Me Against My Brothers, With Your Fact Fixing And Your Lies

Your Media Constantly Demeans Me, With Depictions Of Disgrace

Never Fail To Capitalize, On Negative Situations To Show My Face

But Still I Pray And Hope One Day, You’ll Recognize That I’m Worthwhile

But Till Then, I Know Your Character My Friend, I’ll Just Look At The Oppressor And Smile


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