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🔥Friday Fire🔥

The Sad Truth

Got The Wrong Look, A Cop Might Pull Out His Pistol

You Can Get Shot, Whether Or Not You Reach For The Whistle

Long Kiss Good Night, But You Ain’t Under The Mistle

Toe Tag Your Ass, Now You Dead Gone For Shizzle

The System That We Living In, Is Sadly Sadistic

Rather See You Dead Or In Jail, It’s A Cold Grimy Business

Listen To My Words, They Filled With Sadness & Anguish

Willie Lynch Theory For Slaves, That’s What They Came With

Keep Us Deprived In The Ghetto, That’s The Slave Master’s Plan

Never Underestimate The Evil, Of A Devilish Man

Bear Witness To The Wickedness, And How He Manages

To Deprive Us Of Our Dignity, And Social Advantages

The Scars He’s Inflicted, Can’t Be Covered With Bandages

Treat Us Like Numbers And Statistical Averages

If Truth Be Told, He Think We African Savages

Stamp Us All The Same, Now We African Packages

The System Got Us Brainwashed, Like Manchurian Candidates

Do A Crime You Facing Time, From A Criminal Magistrate

We Won’t Fight For Our Own, Who Suffer Disadvantages

It’s Hard To Figure Out, Why You Ain’t Understanding This

If You Never Been Oppressed, Then It’s Hard To Conceptualize

You Don’t Wanna To Hear The Truth, You Copacetic With The Lies

I’m Rejecting Lies, I Specialize, In Opening Ya 3rd Eye

If You Won’t Stand Up For Nothing, Then Lay Down And Die

The Truth Of These Words, Burn Like💯 Proof

The Consequences Being Exposed, To The Naked Sad Truth


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