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🔥Friday Fire🔥

Untitled Flow – bonus

A Wordsmith Who Bent Words, Until They Were Cursive

Filling Your Mental Tank Up, I’m Gassing Ya, Self-Service

Louie-Ville From The Hill, 6’9″, They Call Me Pervis

Ellison, Invisible Man Looking For Purpose

Literary Scholar, I Holla, This Ain’t A Circus

Highwire Act With No Net, I’m Never Nervous

Lord Of The Rings, The Ringmaster, Looking For My Precious

Material Things, As Hard As It Seems, Can Never Bless Us

Chasing Dreams, I Scream Scanners, Your Head Burst

Jack Nic Of The Shining, Head Through The Door First

Schizophrenic With The Words, I Scream I Am Not Insane

Do My Dirt Alone In The Dark, You Can Call Me Bane

League Of Shadows, On You Fools, Double Barrel My Chosen Tool

Breaking Bad And Breaking Rules, Heisenberg Wit That Crystal Blues

Drive Bys In The Chi, All You See On The Local News

Bullets Don’t Have No Names, They Gonna Choose Who They Choose

Now The Family In The Front Row, Crying In The Preachers Pews

Pastor GiveMeDatLoot, Got On Louis Vuitton Shoes

Asking The Mourning Family, Have You Paid Your Church Dues

Hypocrites In The Pulpit, All They See Is Dollar Signs

Bishop Whitehead From The Bronx, Getting Robbed For His Shiny Shine

This Simple-Headed Simp, Supposed To Be Divine

Thinking Pastors Can’t Get Robbed, Or Be Victims Of Street Crime

He Must Don’t Knowing, Anyone Can Get It For They Shine

This Is What Happens, When You Walk Around Stevie Blind

It’s The Rule Of The Jungle, And The Sign Of The Times

The Artist Formerly Known As, Who’s Spitting These Hot Rhymes

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