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🔥Friday Fire🔥

What You Waitin’ On

You Ain’t Gotta Say Alot, I Can Tell What You Waiting On
Cause That Look In Ya’ Eyes, Says You Don’t Wanna Be Alone
All I Need Is Just One Chance, To Show You Bae What I Can Do
If The Pressure Feels Too Much, Tell Me I Can Turn It Loose
Cause When We On The Phone, I Get The Feel You Feelin’ Me Too
Why Keep It Bottled Up, Come Check The Penthouse View
All You Gotta Do Is Open Up, Give Me A Sliver Of Your Heart
I Can Play The Leading Man, So Let Me Play My Part
Love Is In The Atmosphere, Need You To Take A Deep Inhale
Let Me In Your Secret Garden, I Promise I Won’t Fail
Good Times Like Jj Evans, Tell Me What Is Your Waitin’ On
Say Yes, The Hell With The Rest, So We Can Get Along
Into Our Lifetime Journey, Let Nature Run It’s Course
Patience Is A Virtue, So I’m Trying Not To Force
Things Along In A Hurry, But I Hate This Wasting Time
I Can See Into The Future, And Our Love Would Be Divine
Don’t Terry In This Moment, Let Your Heart Be Free
What Is You Waiting On, Your Destiny Is Here With Me

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